How does the translation process work?

If you’ve never had translations done before and are unsure of what happens, then don’t worry, it’s really very straightforward.

  1. Contact us by email, phone or via the website to request a quote. If we need more information, we will come back to you and ask for it, otherwise we will prepare your quote.
  2. We will send you your quotation explaining all the costs, project stages, timings, payment methods, and everything else you need to know in order to have your documents translated.
  3. To give us your approval, simply sign the quotation, scan it and send it back to us.
  4. We will then send you a short briefing document to complete and return to us. This is so that we can ensure your translator has all the necessary background information to deliver the highest quality translation for you.
  5. We will keep you updated on progress regularly throughout the process.
  6. We deliver the completed translation project to you, on time or early.
  7. Upon confirmation that everything is fine, we will issue an invoice and explain methods and timings of payment.
  8. We will confirm to you when payment has reached us.
  9. We will send you a link to our feedback survey so that you can tell us about your experience.
  10. Repeat process!

And remember, we’re here to help you so if you have any queries at any stage, just ask and we’ll put your mind at ease.