Why pay for a professional translator?

Professional translators have many skills, including:

  • an excellent knowledge of their own language;
  • exceptional writing skills in their native language;
  • mastering one or more foreign languages to an exceptionally high level;
  • expertise in their chosen subject areas;
  • strong research skills; and
  • an understanding of the cultures surrounding the languages they translate to and from.

Additionally, professional translators adhere to strict professional guidelines to ensure their work is of the highest quality. These include best practices such as only translating into their mother tongue (which they have mastered to perfection) and engaging in regular continuous professional development in their languages, subject area and the profession.

I’m sure your colleague is very good at their job, but unless they also have all these skills, we’d recommend using a professional translator.

You choose an accountant to deal with financial affairs, a designer to design your materials, so why not a translator to translate your documents?